Today is 11/29/2015. It is 1:51am. This is my first post so I feel a little excited and anxious at the same time. We finally signed the lease and the key was put into our hands. What a feeling of accomplishment!! I feel like a long time dream is being accomplished but enough about me. This blog portion is mainly to keep everyone in the know of what is going on with Driven Gym.

The key was given to us and we wasted no time getting started First we bought the mats and brought them into the gym the same day.
2015-11-24 10.41.56
We were first thinking of a Black and Red color scheme but after a simple Google search it became quickly apparent to me that Black and Red is a theme that runs a little too rampant among MMA gyms so we decided to venture away from it.

Silver……That is the color we agreed upon for the walls and for the next 2 days we were inside with a few members of the Spyda Muay Thai family painting the walls and having fun. I love my second family!!!!

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– Spyda

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