Muay Thai

Willie's Show 32I know some of you fighters out there know the struggle of training like a savage for a fight, and then have that fight suddenly cancelled on you….even worst when it happens to you the night before the damn fight!  Sadly, this things happen more than I’d like to admit it. I like to tell my guys that life has a habit of throwing obstacles your way, but it’s never something you can not handle. This exact situation happened to my good friend and young Padawan, Jaime Mendoza. His last opponent pulled out the night before the fight, but this time it’s going to be different (It better be!).

On Saturday January 16th, 2016…..Jaime will once again be showing off his skills in the ring. I have had the pleasure of watching his Muay Thai IQ grow over the years and I have such great hope for him in the future. However, right now our focus is on bringing to war to another skillful opponent from a very respected camp.

Jaime, it’s an honor to be in your corner. Just go out there and have fun. brother!

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