12715419_1240636552616351_9045982427777269590_nThis Muay Thai event promises to be another great show of some of the best Muay Thai the east coast has to offer. I am glad to announce that one of our own Jaime Mendoza will be fighting on that show against a good fighter from one of the best camp in NJ. Jaime is ready to make his mark by representing Spyda Muay Thai and The Driven Gym family in the big stage known as the Warriors Cup. Jaime has been working very hard for this by tightening up his technique and learning new tricks.

The amateur realm is there for a couple of reasons……The main one in my opinion is best classified with one word…”Experience”. Yes, the amateur circuit is there for fighters to gain experience that will ultimately (if they choose to) make a smooth transition into the Pro circuit. Alas, a lot of people seem to have lost the scope of things and you have too many people being too presumptuous about their status. At Driven gym, the culture is about humility and integrity. Jaime exemplifies both of those virtues, that is why he will make a great role model in the near future.

We will have more news on 2 other upcoming fights from two of our Spyda Muay Thai/Driven gym fighters. In the meantime, here’s a highlight  from Jaime’s last fight.


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