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How to throw a Muay Thai body kick!


Of all the strikes available to you in Muay Thai, I believe the “Body Kick” to be one the most important. This is because the body kick is one of the highest scoring strikes you can land in Muay Thai. Let me stress, I’m talking about TRADITIONAL Muay Thai, judged by knowledgeable judges. Different camps will teach variations the body kick. I will breakdown one of the most efficient way to throw this kick, step by step from an orthodox (right-handed) stance.


Front leg:

You will start the kick by stepping forward on the ball of the left foot. Straightening your left leg after the step is imperative to gain height and momentum on your kick. This is the precise moment where you will pivot your left foot to allow your entire body to turn into the kick.



You will raise your right hip and rotate it fully over your left hip. At this point your body will now have turned a little bit more than 90 degrees (counterclockwise). Whatever you do, make sure the right hip leads the way, and the kicking leg follows shortly thereafter. That motion is what will create the “whip” effect which will generate maximum power behind the strike.



Focus on the right arm. Swing it back behind you to counter balance the movement of your body. Pay attention to this step though…..Even though your right arm is swinging back, your right shoulder should still follow the rotational movement of the rest of the body. However, once your strike has landed, you will whip your shoulder back to aid your entire body back into its original position.



Back leg:

Keep your kicking leg slightly bent to allow more rotational room for your hips. Point your right knee towards your target. This will stop you from kicking upwards instead of across your target as intended (kicking upwards can cause your shins make contact with your opponent’s elbow…”ouch!”). Last but not least….make sure to connect with your shins not your foot.


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