Muay Thai

When of my students wrote something which I was compelled to share with you guys.

I can say so much about this picture. My gosh. First, it is an honor and awesome feeling to have your Kru (Coach) wrap your hands for a fight. But, in this moment, so many disturbing and beautiful thoughts run across your mind. Fear, nervousness, doubt, anxiety, worry… All come into play. Then you hear other fighters in the room hitting pads to warm up. You hear your coach cutting the tape to wrap your hands. Although you can’t make out what’s being said, you hear mumbling of the announcer from the ring and some of the music. You hear your coach giving you words of inspiration and tips; nothing sugar coated, but worth hearing. You feel and hear your breathing. Inhaling each breath deep and light, then exhaling. Then, you look at your hands, they are ready for war. You feel confident in your training, your coaches, your teammates… Yourself. These moments are so quick, yet feel like a lifetime. The nerves are still there, but they feel good now. You feel alive. More than ever. In these moments, I believe, the highest spiritual aspect of a fighter is brought to light. And because of it, all the weight of the negative feelings are shifted over to a positive light, and you are made ready. The final preparation has been set. It is war time. It is time to have fun. I love what I do. I love Martial Arts. I love Fighting and proud to be called a Fighter.

– Jaime Mendoza

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