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When we opened up our doors a year ago, we had no idea that things were going to explode the way they did. Our work paid off. James and I have put our hearts and soul out there and people have responded with their love for the sport. We have been blessed, so much that we started to outgrow our current space 7 months after we opened. That’s an amazing feeling. I have to say that we are surrounded by an awesome group of people. A group we do not refer to as “Members”…..No! We’re talking about a group we refer to as “Family”. Fast forward 12 months after the inauguration of Driven Gym and we are already in the process of moving into a new, bigger space. The best part of it is that this space (our new home) is only a couple of doors down from our current space. That’s right!…Our members will not have to travel to a different county, city, or even street for that matter. We are moving from 85 Main street to 97 Main street.

Saying that we are blessed is an understatement. It takes me back to the time when we were building our current space and this older lady approached me in the street while I was standing in front of the gym admiring what we had built. She asked me what we were building, I told her it was a martial arts gym. She puts her hand on my shoulder, told me to bow my head and began to pray for the success of the business, right there in the middle of the sidewalk. That was uncanny and I will cherish that day forever.

remodWe have met some great people this year and we are looking forward to meeting a lot more in the following year 2017. We are set to officially open December 30th. Remodeling is still in progress. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us in any shape of form. We would also like to especially thank the ones who have actually helped build this gym (as well as those who helped us build our current one). One luv!!!



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