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Attention all parents of children in our Kids Martial Arts classes:

Friday April 28th at 5pm sharp is going to be a big day in the lives of Driven Gym’s little Warriors. It’s the time that they have been waiting for.

APRIL 28th is time for TESTING!!!

If your child has been training with us for 4 months or more then they will be eligible to test for their new Prajiad/Armband (Everyone else will wait until August 25th to take their test).
Kids will be testing for their yellow & white Prajiad. Some will also be testing for their yellow Prajiad (Higher level Prajiad students will be testing at a later date). Below is a comprehensive copy of what is to be studied for the test. Please make sure they practice plenty. The test will be approximately 1 hour. Please drop off the kids at 4:45pm to allow them plenty of time to get ready. Make sure they are in proper Muay Thai attire (Muay Thai shorts and a black Driven Gym shirt). Make sure they also bring their gloves (No other equipment is necessary).

Cost to cover testing fees is $40 per kid testing (non-refundable).
If they succeed in passing the test…They will be asked to attend a Graduation Ceremony which will take place April 29th. All the details will be given on the day of the test.

If you have any questions, please email or call (732) 582-6551


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