This class explores the inner secrets of the art of “Clinching”. This underrated and overlook avenue of fighting is a great tool to have control over your opponent’s body via selective holds and hand positions which in turns offers the perfect opportunities to land devastating knee strikes, vicious elbows and debilitating dumps (throws) from a close distance.  Fighters in Thailand spend a great deal of time training in the clinch and so should we.  The clinch demands the most raw strength and the most technical aptitude. For these two reasons alone, clinching should be worked on very attentively.


  • Only Level III and IV students are allowed to attend this class
  • Elbow strikes with Elbow pads helps avoiding cuts but do not completely disable the dangers so please, throw them with caution.
  • Knees should be thrown with caution as well.
  • Avoid using brute strength to pull on your opponent’s neck….A sore neck is very painful so be courteous.

Required Equipment:

  • Level III Spyda Muay Thai shorts (unless you are level IV)
  • Groin protector
  • Mouthpiece
  • Elbow pads

Duration:30 - 60 mins