Once your trainer has deemed you ready to graduate from the Level I class, it is now time to make the jump to the “Spyda Muay Thai” Level II class. The emphasis at the level will be Power, Speed and Combinations. New graduates will be given their level II shorts. This class is truly a level above the beginner Muay Thai class, the intensity of the class is dramatically increase. You will see less shadow boxing and a lot more padwork which will introduce the students to more complex offensive combinations, an introduction to advance strikes, more defensive maneuvers and the introduction to counter fighting techniques that will help make you a more complete Muay Thai practioner. The students who over time have demonstrated good control and a good grasp on the forms and techniques shown will be promoted to Level III (Advanced), at which time different color shorts (Red) will be awarded.


  • Level I (Beginners) students will be allowed to attend one Intermediate class on a weekly basis. (Advanced/fighters) Level IV students will be allowed to attend as many of those classes as desired.
  • Level II and III students are allowed to attend as many Level I classes as they desire
  • Level III will introduce the student to traditional Muay Thai style of sparring (better known as technical sparring, or “play”) as well as other light sparring drills which focuses on technique, control and timing. Technical sparring is conducted with very light contact and in a playful environment. It is very safe. However, participation in technical sparring drills is not required.

Required Equipment:

  • 16 oz gloves
  • Shinguards
  • Hand wraps
  • Level II (or III) Spyda Muay Thai shorts
  • Groin protector
  • Mouthpiece

Duration:60 minutes