The best gifts you can ever give your kids are the gifts of Self-discipline and Self-confidence. Learning Muay Thai will give them the ability to defend themselves against bullies, and keep them away from video games long enough to help them stay in shape. Classes typically include a lot of body weight excercises, partner to partner Muay Thai drills and bag work. Sparring will be introduced to higher level kids with emphasis on control and focus. Sparring will also teach them to stay calm and collected while under pressure.


  • Different colored armbands (known as Prajiats) will be introduced and worn on the left arm of each student. Those colored armbands are used for our ranking system so they must be worn at each of our Kids Muay Thai classes.
  • The Prajiats ranking (from novice to advanced) goes as such:
    White, White and Yellow, Yellow, Green and White, Green, Blue and White, Blue, Red and White, Red, Black.
  • Ages range from 7-14 years old. (All 15+ year old students will be transferred into the adult’s class.)

Required Equipment:

  • Boxing Gloves.
  • Muay Thai Shorts
  • Shinguards
  • Headgear
  • Mouthpiece
  • Knee Pads
Duration:45 mins