If you have little to no experience in Muay Thai, the Level 1 beginners “Spyda Muay Thai class” introduces you to the backbone of the sport….The FUNDAMENTALS!!!…The stance, the guard, and the basic strikes from the 8 limbs (basic punches, elbows, knees and kicks), and some basic defense techniques as well. There is also a good emphasis on conditioning, which is greatly needed to endure the 5×3 minute rounds that make up the anatomy of a Muay Thai bout. Our motto is “You don’t have to be a fighter to train like one”. This class is the genesis of your promising journey. Whether your goal is to shed weight, be in the best shape of your life, being able to protect yourself and your loved ones, or holding the title belt in your hands…This class is where you learn to crawl before you can walk on the path of success. The curriculum for this level last approximately 6-10 weeks before being eligible for the intermediate class (Level II) at the trainers discretion.


  • As a Level I Spyda Muay Thai student, you will be allowed to attend ONE intermediate/mixed class on a weekly basis. We do this to enable you to get an glimpse of what to look forward to once you graduate from this class.
  • Level I Spyda Muay Thai students are in no case allowed to attend the Fridays sparring class not the Saturdays clinching class.

Required Equipment:

  • 16 oz gloves.
  • Hand wraps
  • Level I Spyda Muay Thai shorts
Class Details
Duration:60 minutes