This class is catered to the fight team as well as “fighters-in-training”. This class is very fast paced, and the hard sparring is meant to physically and mentally toughen the fighter. fight strategy, ring generalship, fight conditioning, mental toughness, and fast reflexes are the main focuses of this class. Sparring is typically preceded by running/skipping and hard padwork. If you truly want to be a fighter and you wish to be ready for the highest level of competition, this is the class where you will be challenged. Only serious and committed students will be invited to this class.


  • You must be invited to attend this class
  • Contact is hard but still controlled. At no point should you purposely try to injure your partner.

Required Equipment:

  • 16 oz gloves
  • Shinguards
  • Hand wraps
  • Muay Thai shorts
  • Groin protector
  • Mouthpiece
  • elbow pads
  • headgear (recommended)