Difficulty: All levels

The Boxing class offers an intense training that will get you push you to the next level of the sport known as "The sweet science". You will get in an awesome shape while learning applicable boxing techniques that will allow you to compete at a competitive level. 

Difficulty: Basics

The Level 1 beginners Muay Thai class introduces you to the backbone of Muay Thai....The FUNDAMENTALS!!!...The stance, the guard, and the foundation of the 8 limbs

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Once your trainer has deemed you ready to graduate from the Level I class, it is now time to make the jump to the Level II class (and eventually Level III). The emphasis at the level will be Power, Speed and Combinations.

Difficulty: Elite level ....(advanced allowed with invite only)

This class is catered to the fight team as well as "fighters-in-training". This class is very fast paced, and the hard sparring is meant to physically and mentally toughen the fighter.

Difficulty: Advanced to Elite and fight team.

This class explores the inner secrets of the art of "Clinching". This underrated and overlook avenue of fighting is a great tool to have control over your opponent's body via selective holds and hand positions...

Difficulty: All levels
Difficulty: 4th stripes White belts and above


Difficulty: Level III Muay Thai and BJJ Blue belt ranks and higher
Difficulty: All level kids 7-14