Handel Belle

Boxing coach
Trainer Bio

Handel Belle gained his interest for the sport of boxing while watching the heavyweight championship fight between Lennox Lewis and Shannon Briggs in 1998. From there on, Handel continued to follow and study the wide world of boxing. During his college years, he transferred to Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania and found out that the school had a boxing team. In 2007, Handel tried out for the Lock Haven University Bald Eagle boxing team and became the school’s representative at the heavyweight division. In his two years at Lock Haven he became a two-time national qualifier for the NCBA National Heavyweight Title tournament. After college Handel found a local NJ boxing gym and competed for 2 more years.

One day after work Handel stumbled on a local MMA/Muay thai gym owned by James Meals. He started training MMA and Muay thai and while training, he was given the opportunity to teach boxing classes. From there, he used the Muay Thai skills he learned from Spyda and James Meals as well as the boxing skills he had learned throughout the years, he blend the two together creating a style of boxing that works for Muay Thai, MMA and traditional boxing.

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