Mike “Animal” Loureiro

Head BJJ instructor - Black belt under Renzo Gracie

Professor Mike “Animal” Loureiro’s ambition and passion for the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu allowed him to earn his black belt in five years. Mike received his Renzo Gracie black belt under the careful guidance of Romulo Bittencourt, Alexandre Nunes, and Marco Teixeira.

Animal was first hooked into the art of grappling when he began wrestling in 2002. With a solid foundation in place, he then transitioned to BJJ in 2008. Most of his training took place at the Renzo Gracie Newark Academy, while often visiting the Gracie NY Academy.

Animal’s dedication to the importance of fundamentals and emphasis on details has been a key component to his success. His open-minded nature brings in knowledge from many different perspectives and creates a diverse atmosphere for learning.

Professor Animal’s great interpersonal skills and love for Brazilian Jujitsu has molded him into an extremely knowledgeable instructor. He instructs the same way he trains; a strong focus on technique, while pushing himself to reach new limits, both mentally and physically. You can ensure that he will be there to make sure you do as well.

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