Spyda Muay Thai


Head Muay Thai instructor
Spyda is a Muay Thai aficionado, trainer, and practitioner.  Jean was dubbed the nickname “Spyda (spider)” because of his wide knowledge of “the art of 8 limbs”. Spyda was born and raised in the country of France and has been engulfed in the art of Muay Thai since his brother-in-law took him to go watch the movie “Kickboxer” starring the actor Jean Claude VanDamne in 1989. It wasn’t until a few years later, in 1993 that he had finally found a Muay Thai gym in the heart of Paris where he started training for a couple of months until he moved to the USA later that same year. In 2004 he resumed his training, this time under the wings of highly respected James “Mad Dog” Meals. Spyda has competed but was forced to discontinue because of 2 herniated discs issues in his neck. His last bout dates back to 2008 and since then he has dedicated himself to teach and live his passion through the eyes of other avid students of Muay Thai.
Spyda has since trained with some of the best in the business, most notably, Coban Lookchaomaesaitong (8x times world champion), Kaensak Sor Ploenchit (The only fighter to have won the coveted “Muay Thai fighter of the year” award twice in a row), Master K (Dubbed “Elbow K.O”, renowned Muay Thai trainer). Spyda has also had the pleasure of meeting and training with  Master Cheetah (who has worked with legendary fighter Buakaw Banchamek), Bunkerd Faphimai (Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadium).
Spyda has also trained in Thailand (the Mecca of Muay Thai) to further his knowledge of the art. He visited a few camps, most notably camp Banchamek where he has had the chance to spar and share the ring with Buakaw, Petchtanong, Superbon and more. He has also trained Poptheeratham and trained under the supervision of arguably with one of the “3 Legends of Muay Thai), Samart Payakaroon. While there he’s also had the chance of meeting another one of the “3  Legends of Muay Thai”,Somrak Khamsing. He’s also had the chance to train at PKSeanchai Gym. Home of Seanchai, Pakorn, Wanchalong, MuangThai and a few other top active fighters in the sport.
Spyda is hailed by his students as a very technical and traditional Muay Thai trainer He is not only knowledgeable in the art of Muay Thai, but also the culture and history behind it as well. He is a “walking Muay Thai encyclopedia” which has landed him a job at commentator in the NJ based Muay Thai event “The Warriors Cup” ….Spyda has spent more than 10 years studying and deciphering the styles of some of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world. So for that reason, it is easy for him to customize anyone’s style according to their strengths.
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